Jeff Doan, product designer and web maker.
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Death to the 🍔

Used on over 4.6 million visits since we released in August 2015. I killed the off-canvas menu, and simplified the navigation for our mobile users. The result: increased engagement, but more importantly, conversions.

I built a custom registration and login screen to do away with modal windows. These are much more stable and predictable; and lead to better form completion. For the most part, this entaled only chrome edits.

Update: I added a new view for accessing your account management, as well as a new view for in-app notifications. Tablet web is also fully supported now, as well.

What I did: Prototyping, design, front-end build, and PHP integration.

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Tradesy mobile logged out screen Tradesy mobile login screen Tradesy mobile logged in screen Tradesy mobile account management screen Tradesy mobile in-app notifications screen